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An App to help US citizens to calculate and file their tax returns

You are a busy person and don’t have time or will to go to your tax consultant or accountant. Did you have to spend hours in line on or before April?

If yes, then you need not do it next year or thereafter as we have developed an App for one of our client in US “TAXAppUSA

No doubt the App is gaining popularity exponentially in US.


Mobile App corfuit 1
Mobile App corfuit 2
Mobile App corfuit 3


The technology / framework we used-

For the development of this project, the following software requirements have been considered.

Operating System: Mac OS
Language: X Code 3.2.2
Database: SQL Lite
Tools: iPhone SDK3.2
Technologies: C/C++, XML, Google Maps API, facebook API
Debugger: LLSM
Application end: C/C++
Framework: cocoa
Network: Mobile network and Internet (cellular or Wi-Fi)

There are no confusing questions to answer. Just provide a few basic pieces of information and viola you’re done in few minutes.


With the TAX app USA Mobile app, you can:

Fill tax return- You can complete your 1040EZ Tax Return form in few minutes.

(Form 1040A is United States Internal Revenue Service tax form used for filing an individual’s tax return. It is cut down version of long 1040 and can be used by individuals who do not make more than $100,000 )

Upload document – Upload your tax related documents and send them to the tax pros of TAXappUSA. A possible list may include-

  • • Income documentation-
  • A W-2 form for a salaried employee
  • Form 1099-MISC for independent contractors
  • Schedule C attachment for sole proprietor with all information of profit and loss of their business.
    • Prior tax payments
    • Reporting deductions and credits  – child tax credit, residential energy credits and the earned income credit
    • Interest and dividend income-
    Form 1099 showing the type and amount of income paid to you. Interest income from investments typically includes interest from savings accounts and the dividends you receive on stocks you own. These are reported to you on Form 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.

Calculate refunds- Quickly calculate your tax refund with the TAXappUSA via IRS Tax Refund Calculator.

E-file tour tax returns –Quickly and easily e-file your Federal and/or State tax return.

Check the status of your Federal refund.

Receive a copy of your completed 1040EZ return via email Free.

Review return- Have your return reviewed for Accuracy at no additional charge.

Estimate refunds- Quickly estimate your tax refund with our Tax Estimator Free.

FAQs- Get answers to the most common 1040EZ questions

Low fee- Pay one low fee to e-file your Federal and/or State tax return.

Mobile App corfuit 4

If you are a taxpayer in USA, this app is definitely going to help you.


If you want to get a custom app developed for your business, contact us at-


Skype: simplyideaz

Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Page-1-Image-1We are living in the Dawn of Smartphone age. We use Smartphone while we sleep, eat, Drink …and the list goes on. How would you grab the attention of your customers when they have multiple applications installed on their personal devices? Here a question arises, that is, how many applications do we use frequently? May be a favorite game, a News App, a map or a navigator, social media apps and a few more.

Now if we think about it as a marketer for an app. How can we engage our customers to keep visiting our app or in simple terms how to increase traffic on our app or on our website?

If on locked screen of device, if we could send a small and concise message that may delight users, then it is highly probable that they’ll visit the app or redirected to the website. Or in other way, the icon of the app shows number of new updates or messages that could possibly delight the end user.

This is possible with the help of introducing push notification services to the mobile application.

So, what is push notification?

According to Apple*, a push notification is defined as “Send over-the-air alerts, such as news updates or social networking status changes.”
According to Google*, “It allows third-party application servers to send lightweight messages to their Android applications. The messaging service is not designed for sending a lot of user content via the messages. Rather, it should be used to tell the application that there is new data on the server, so that the application can fetch it. “
In simple terms: Push notifications are short and light weight messages from apps installed on a device displayed on the home or lock screen of the user’s phone, waking up the handset. They are generally accepted as a great way to bring app users back to your app.
These notifications are “pushed” by Native Push Channels to the users’ device.

Where can it be used?

Notify users of changes in league tables to encourage them to return to the app. Appeal to their competitive nature.
“Hi {First Name}, your top score has been beaten, log on now to compete.”


Drive users back to your retail app with attention grabbing offers and promotions, with a short snappy call to action to encourage “there and then” engagement.
“20% off today only, purchase before 12pm and you’ll get free next day delivery”

Update your users on what’s happening now; what do they really want to know that will make their lives easier?
“Your Radio2 podcast is now ready to download”
Don’t forget that everyone forgets, if your user is paying for a service from you, they’ll appreciate your help in remembering it!
“The new issue of Vogue is ready to read, get it now for your free scarf”

Business/ Internal-
Major business giants or large enterprises having their own apps, Push Notifications can be really helpful to create awareness about the urgent and important updates for staff for disaster recovery or event issues.

Benefits of push notifications in an App-

There are n numbers of reasons to use push notification in your app and they have numerous benefits in terms of engaging with customers and driving traffic, however it is essential to use them in a way that keeps customers connected, rather than annoyed.

The five major benefits of push notifications, how best to use them and what they can do for your app.
Push notifications informs users on new/updated information related to an app, providing valuable and relevant updates to customers, even when the app is closed.
For Example a message or a post on Facebook app, a news article updated on news app, or a new feature in a game.


Engage Users

A customer downloads n number of apps onto his mobile out of which 90% of the apps are inactive. They are often forgotten, lost in the sea of apps on users mobile. Push notifications allows developers to provide up-to-date relevant information to users, encouraging engagement, sparking recognition and increasing involvement.

User Control

User can change or customize the settings of the user mobile to view in terms of notification, greatly decreasing the chance of your updates annoying the users.
NDTV refers to the news app as an example of an app that is doing well in terms of letting users personalize/customize their notifications, “users can choose which news (All, Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.) they want to receive alerts in notification column as well as indicate a quiet time when they do not want to receive any notifications.”

Customer Behavior Insight
1) Push Notification provide valuable information on user behavior through the tracking of messages and the interaction times, devices, platforms and situations which generate the most engagement, revealing the time and location, reason and how users use your app.
2) Push notifications provides sophisticated analytics with data on delivery receipt, open rate time and engagement.


Ease of Use
Push notifications are a lot less messy then emails, they are quick to deal with and manage. They are simple, uncomplicated messages that provide only the essential information, making them user friendly and effective. On the developer side they are simpler to produce and cheaper than SMS. They provide valuable customer information, which is highly directed and specific, making it easy to translate into effective marketing strategies.

Complementary Communication Channel
Push Notification is used as powerful method of alerting customers of last minute deals, coupons and special deals. These additional messages form a complementary marketing channel where developers to communicate extra, value-adding information. The information to be displayed can be customized, especially for push notifications, ensuring their relevance and improving their importance to users.

Business view:
Today mobile apps are used as a channel to get more business, the benefits of mobile apps is clear. They increase the visibility and reach of a business and often become a very profitable retargeting sales channel.
Mobile apps, unlike mobile websites, possess qualities that other communication channels simply don’t measure up to because of how they interact with functionality built into a device hardware. The biggest benefit of mobile apps is the ability to deliver notifications that are instantly seen and – unlike other marketing messages – seen on the best digital real estate possible – the user interface of a consumer’s mobile phone. This is why most mobile push notifications are opened and read by 97% of app subscribers.”
As app use grows so does the need for developers to take advantage of the opportunity that push notifications offer. They are less interruptive than other forms of customer engagement and can be used to effectively bring in more traffic and add value for the user by pushing out useful information. However, it is essential this information is relevant and interesting, if not push notifications can become intrusive and annoying, leading to negative perceptions about your app.

How you can use push notifications to engage and retain customers?
Target your audience
Actively target your audience through in-app behaviors and data the user has already provided you with.

These include:
User preferences
Provide users the decision to opt in or out of notifications, and those who opt-in can be directed to define their preferences further. For example, users might want to receive Only the “Breaking News” of a news app.
Letting the user to choose their options to view the notification types they want to receive will make them more likely to opt-in. As long as the users are receiving relevant messages that add value, they will be willing to be interrupted.
It’s the irrelevant, non-targeted push notifications that are forcing users to opt out and uninstall apps.

Geo detection

Geo detection allows marketers to find out where users spend the majority of their time. You can even find out location details for specified periods of time.
Retailers can use geo detection to find out when a customer last visited their store or when a customer is nearby, and then you can push out a relevant notification: “Come inside for a free Cup of Coffee while you shop!” or “Get 30% off when you’re next in store”.

Audience segmentation

By using in-app analytics, you can also integrate your app with CRM systems to gain data of your users. This means audiences can be narrowed down into different user groups based on historical habits.
If a certain group of users frequently purchase Shoes by a specific Brand, you can send out a targeted push offering a discount on the Brand.

Decide on your content

As well as targeting the right customers, you also need to deliver relevant information to the user. Many are unaware that with text notifications, you can also send out rich media content to engage your users.

Methodology used in Push Notification-

Push Notification uses different methodology on each platform:

How it works on Windows platform

There are four primary actors (Please Refer the image below), two of which are wholly responsible and two are provided by Microsoft as part of the platform:
• Windows Store App: is an awesome Windows 8 application
• Cloud Service: is responsible for two things
• Keeping track of the devices/users that are running your app
• The content that will be generated is pushed to a subset (typically) of those users via a tile or toast notification.
• Windows Notification Service (WNS): is a Microsoft-provided cloud service that is responsible for sending out the notification to the targeted clients
• Notification Client Platform (NCP): is a subset of the Windows 8 OS that interacts with WNS and passes the relevant notifications to the app running on the given device.
Notification channel is another primary element of this workflow, it is a unique URI that identifies a single user on a single device for a single application (or secondary tile).
Cloud Service is an involved and complex method, but in terms of the workflow is a black box. As long as it manages the OAuth exchange and provides a tile or toast template to WNS, all is well.

Workflow of push notification in simple terms (iPhone)
Each device receives “Push notification” from APNs through secured IP connections. If the App is not running on device and a notification arrives, the device alerts the user.
The workflow of push notification is as follows-
• The App developer or providers create notifications in their server/s.
• The providers then connect with APNs via secure channel.
• The APNs receives the notification and pushes it to the target device.

The types of notification:
Apple supports the following types of notifications:
Alerts (type: string or dictionary, with buttons “Close” and “View” the short message or notification)
Badges (type: number on the top of the icon of the App)
Sounds (type: string)
How it sends specific notifications to only targeted clients-
Push notifications can be sent to specific target users. For instance, if users have an App of news agency installed on their device and some of them opt for business, some opt for share market, entertainment, sports and so on, the app, APNs and providers make it sure that users get want they want.
Push notification has this quality due to registration with the help of TokenIDs. Here is how it works:
• The application installed on device requests iOS to enable push notifications.
• iOS then forward this request to APNs.
• APNs generate a specific TokenID for iOS on that device that returns it to the App installed.
• The application provides this TokenID to the notification provider also so that it identifies particular devices and can send notifications accordingly.


According to Apple “TokenIDs are analogous to phone numbers “, so we can infer that it identifies each device uniquely and can send highly specific notifications too.

• Now the notification provider has the specific TokenIDs for devices.
• Providers decide the particular notifications for particular devices.
• It then generates the notification and sends this payload along with the TokenID to APNs.
• APNs forwards this notification to the iOS devices with same TokenIDs.
• Now iOS pushes the notification content to application.
Essentials for Applications to have this feature –
To register your application for push notifications, you must perform the following steps:
• Create code that subscribes to push notifications in your application.
• Enable push notifications in the application XML file.
• Create a provisioning profile and certificate that enable iOS Push Services.


What will APNs do if notification is to be delivered and device is offline-
APNs (Apple Push Notification service) have a store-and-forward function for such situation. APNs stores a notification for limited period and forward it device becomes available.
If there are many notifications on a queue, APNs keeps the most recent one and discards all the previous notifications.
If device remains offline for a longer time, all the notifications stored by APNs will be discarded.

Business Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities :-

• Collaborate with the end user to understand basic needs of business.
• Understand functional requirements from the clients through series of interview, questionnaires and presentations.
• Conduct functional / technical feasibility study for new products and services.
• Document the requirement specifications.
• Meet stakeholders to identify the requirement changes.
• Work with project stakeholders to ensure requirements are achievable and exhibiting good presentation and communication skills to all levels of management and operation.
• Represent the organization in customer-facing communication.
• Prepare functional artifacts like BRD / FSD with business process flows.
• Prototype the requirements to generate wireframes.
• Analyze existing system and the proposed system to conduct Gap Analysis.
• Prepare the Delta (change requirement) Document and managing change control process.
• Work closely with the design, development, QA, system teams to attain and meet project tollgates internally.
• Analyze and report the key risk areas while documenting requirements and during testing.

Desired Candidate Profile:-

• Overall 6+ years experience.
• Understand evolving trends and patterns in technical space and explore opportunities for new interaction paradigms.
• Owns projects and initiatives to ensure continuous growth in quality and specialization.
• Take high-level ideas and detail them to finer levels to quickly come up with presentable concepts.
• Experience working with global teams and customers.
• Understanding of wire-framing Tools & Trends as well as Mockup development technologies.
• Hands-on experience working with various research tools.
• Experience working with different screens mobile, web/pc, large screens and their Combinations.
• Basic knowledge of UX methodologies, approaches and trends and the ability to translate user problems to business requirements and present user centric solutions.
• Have keen interest in market factors, trends and socio-cultural influences that drive technology and innovation.
• Excellent communication, documentation and presentation skills.

Salary :- As per Industry Norms

Location :- Noida

HR Department

Project Manager

Roles and Responsibilities :-

• Responsible for the timely and quality deliveries of the tasks assigned to the team.
• Work as point of contact for all project related communications with the stakeholders.
• Growing and managing the team and responsible for their career road map.
• Compliance to Quality Management System and Design Controls.
• Interact internally/externally on a daily basis to achieve project goals and initiatives.

Desired Candidate Profile:-

• Overall 6+ years experience.
• Experienced and motivated professional who can lead product development, working with globally distributed teams,ensuring quality and timely deliveries .
• Sound in Project documentation and reviews.
• Good understanding of various phases of Software Development Lifecycle.
• Experience in handling a team of at least 5 members for more than three years.
• Good experience of working with multiple teams and collaborating across geographically spread multi-functional teams.
• Strong Project Management skills with proven records of resource planning and scheduling.
• Must be up to date with latest releases in iPhone development tools/technologies.
• Good interpersonal skills, for effective communication with business and development teams.
• Proven track record of successful and timely project delivery.

Salary :- As per Industry Norms

Location :- Noida

HR Department

Android Developer

Roles and Responsibilities :-

• Development of mobile Android based apps.
• Deal with clients data, feeds and designs.
• Co-operation with other development team members (e.g. Project manager, Web programmers, graphic designers, and authors, quality assurance) in the production of a finished product.
• Ability to work on project without detailed instructions; taking the initiative with this job is important.
• On-going maintenance of existing projects.
• Port many of our 100+ iPhone apps to Android.

Desired Candidate Profile:-

• Overall 5+ years experience.
• Excellent knowledge of the Android SDK.
• Knowledge of XML and JSON a requirement.
• Knowledge of SQLite and a working experience in SQL databases.
• Knowledge of HTML and Javascript a plus.
• Coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting practices is important.

Salary :- As per Industry Norms

Location :- Noida

HR Department

iOS Developer

Roles and Responsibilities :-

• Work on application development lifecycle activities that include: Analysis, Design, Coding, & Implementation.
• Execute all phases of software application projects including resolving issues and helping to ensure successful delivery.
• Proactively adapt to the changing business and technological landscape of various mobile application development platforms.
• Design mobile solutions and add value in all stages of project work (definition, development, delivery).
• Play a lead role evaluating new mobile technologies and develop plans for their implementation.

Desired Candidate Profile:-

• Overall 5+ years experience.
• More than 2+ years iPhone development experience, with a strong focus on native application development.
• Should be capable of architecting a mobile solution.
• Strong development skills in C++ and Objective C which includes designing and developing components, classes etc.
• Strong knowledge of OOPs.
• Should be aware of platform independent mobile application development trends/tools.
• Experience in developing enterprise mobility is desirable.
• Must be up to date with latest releases in iPhone development tools/technologies.
• Good interpersonal skills, for effective communication with business and development teams.
• Proven track record of successful and timely project delivery.

Salary :- As per Industry Norms

Location :- Noida

HR Department

Mobile App Developer

Roles and Responsibilities :-

• Work on application development life-cycle activities that include: Analysis, Design, Coding and Implementation instead we can use the below one.
• Deliver across the entire app life cycle –concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support.
• Build prototypes at tech scoping stage of projects.
• Working along the web developers to create and maintain a robust framework to support the apps.
• Execute all phases of software application projects including resolving issues and helping to ensure successful delivery.
• Proactively adapt to the changing business and technological landscape of various mobile application development platforms.
• Design mobile solutions and add value in all stages of project work (definition, development, delivery).
• Play a lead role evaluating new mobile technologies and develop plans for their implementation.

Desired Candidate Profile:-

• Over 5+ years of experience in Mobile application development like Android , iPhone with a strong focus on native application development.
• Experience in handling team.
• Experience with SQLite database, Java and J2EE.
• Experience in developing Location Based Services.
• Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON.
• Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
• Should be capable of architecting a mobile solution.
• Ability to multitask and good time management skills.
• Ability to work on their own and as a part of the team.
• Strong development skills in Objective C which includes designing and developing components, classes etc.
• Strong knowledge of OOPs.

Salary :- As per Industry Norms

Location :- Noida

HR Department


Case Study: WrapLive

Your favourite moments.
With your favourite people.
Right as they happen.

WrapLive is a young and growing social network that started with a mere idea. At a glance it’s yet another photo sharing social network – what could be more tedious? There must be killer ideas behind it to make it stand out. There must be zest to it. There must be something highly useful yet currently absent in other photo sharing apps. WrapLive has it all.


There are lots of famous apps where we share photos, but all of them lack something crucial. Take Facebook as an example. People can easily flood your feed with photos good and bad. What’s more, if you want to share photos with selected people only, it will be a headache. If you
want to share photos from a certain event, it happens post factum. You may even start gathering photos gathered by other people from the same event, and here begins the mess. Takes much time, doesn’t it? Or take another giant, Instagram. It can be more personal, that’s good. You can share photos on the go, that’s good. Yet Instagram is one great big feed – no albums. With a multitude of followers it’s no longer personal. Photos are limited to square shape – that’s style, but often not an advantage, especially when people try to place non-square photos against some unsettling background.


WrapLive has none of these problems. It’s an album-oriented photo network. Albums, or ‘wraps’, actually represent events. You may invite people to wraps where they can share their own photos and enjoy those posted by others, all on the go.

That was only the MVP released initially – since then WrapLive has grown lots of other goodies that allow for even better socializing. Let’s scrutinize all of them.


As for the target audience, it’s a pretty much ‘universal’ app that fits iOS 7.1 or later, and Android 4.0 or later. Behind the elegant design lies simplicity and high usability.

• A user starts with creation of an account, with the phone number and e-mail. Then the user promptly receives a 4-digit confirmation code via SMS. The profile page is quite simple: name, avatar, email. The user can easily check which contacts have WrapLive installed on their smartphones.


• A wrap is basically an album dedicated to some event or topic. All of them are stored on the cloud, users can create unlimited number of wraps and post unlimited number of photos. Photos and wraps are organized by date. People can be added to wraps from the contact book. Other operations with wraps are also simple: create, rename, delete wraps; take new photos or take them from your library, report photos as inappropriate, post comments for each photo.

• Auto-uploading (the user doesn’t have to press any re-upload buttons if something fails, everything is done automatically).

• A neat set of Aviary photo editing tools was purchased and integrated with the app.

• Live chat for more comprehensive socializing; emoji keyboard; ”user is typing” feature; customized emoji for Android.

• Offline work (users can upload photos, create wraps, post comments without the Internet connection – all the changes are saved and applied when the connection is restored). Together with auto-uploading it makes a double win.

• Push notifications, which inform you of invitations to wraps, new comments to your photo, new posted photos, and chat messages.


• Aviary SDK (iOS + Android)
• Push notifications (iOS + Android)
• Pubnub notifications (iOS and Android)
• GreenDao (Android ORM for SQLite)
• CoreData (iOS)
• Crashlitycs for iOS
• Acra for Android
• CocoaPods (iOS)
• TestFairy for build delivery for Android
• TestFlight for build delivery for iOS


The project had a very quick start. Well-established communication with team members and timely comprehensive reports allowed to adapt the project to numerous changes, and it took 3 months to release the first version, with further frequent updates coming out once a month.

The Client’s backend was tied to our iOS and Android apps – this also saved some time. The iOS version had no technical difficulties as such, and was released first. The Android version had a worthwhile challenge with the offline mode. We had to set up a caching queue with reordering to collect photos and upload them to the server, once the connection was restored.

There is a predictable issue with Android that lies in very high demands towards the responsiveness of gestures. People who use new social networks need to be provided with excellent smoothness of app’s reaction to a touch. Special attention was paid to adjusting the scroll. But as a result, we made it easy for the system to faultlessly react to horizontal and vertical scrolling, differentiate it, thus make the experience smooth to the end user.

Quick responses to the Client’s requests and demands and high skills of every team member allowed the MVP appear on the market in quite a short time. WrapLive became an interesting alternative to the existing photo sharing social networks – beautifully designed and responsive in use.


CorfuIT At Startup Safary Athens 2014

Startup Safary is a global organization that conducts events where startups and tech companies meet each other to share knowledge and start new relationships. One of this year’s events by Startup Safary took place on November 22-23 in Athens, Greece. It was free to attend, yet the number of possible attendees was limited, so there was a process of registration that allowed the most interested startuppers and IT specialists secure a place.

CorfuIt was among the active participants with a report named ”From Idea To Product Launch With Software Development Partner”. The report was presented by CorfuIt CEO, Oleg Lola, who has nine-year experience in the IT. These insights were essentially provided as the experience of a person whose company helped dozens of startups develop and launch their products.

Here are the issues encompassed at the keynote:

• Getting expert feedback on a business idea;

• Choosing the best time to start the project;

• Gathering and working out software product requirements;

• UX/UI design and its significance for the product;

• The amount of resources required to develop a minimum viable product;

• Preparations for the product launch.

CorfuIt is always open to embrace new opportunities and partnerships that are able to bring the brightest ideas and the promising projects to life.

Full report is coming soon; meanwhile you might like to take a look at the presentation:


5 Things You Should Know About Healthcare App Development

There are certain peculiarities that unite all apps related to the healthcare industry. These peculiarities define the development process and ensure the quality of the outcome. If you are busy in this industry, you know the rules of the game. Demands as for quality vary from very high (conventional health & fitness apps) to exceptionally high (software for internal use at medical institutions). Here are 5 rules that play the most significant role by development for healthcare.

#1. You need to pay special attention to the quality of your software, and demand this quality from your development team.

The industry has exceptional requirements for the precision of data and People spend plenty of time with their personal mobile devices; interactions with apps have to be seamless, otherwise they’ll abandon it. Here it doesn’t matter how often the software is used. If it has quality, value, and convenience in the first place, it runs very low risks of getting erased from a person’s smartphone.

#2. The interface has to be easily understandable, user-friendly and intuitive at first touch. The risks of a user not finding and/or accessing the needed information or feature must be at an absolute minimum.

For example, this is essential for internal apps for patient care. It’s all about precision and automation, while any piece of data can be requested immediately. In healthcare time is vital in every sense of the word. It can be up to building a complex system with different levels of authorization among hospital staff, and plenty of hospitals utilize such software.

#3. Users of healthcare apps may not be active mobile users in the first place. That’s why it’s reasonable to minimize and simplify complex logic.

For example, you may be interesting in creating an app for health insurance management. There are hospitals and other required health establishments to search for on the map, scheduling within the app and a place to store contacts, pharmacies and hospitals. There’s insurance management itself: tracking expenses using invoices or changing the insurance program. Or maybe your users are interested in various health-related events that are dedicated to particular problems? You know the system perfectly, but there is always room for optimization of logic. This is where the help of a great UX/UI designer is invaluable. Whatever your core set of features is, it works well only when combined with the knowledge of UI guidelines for every mobile platform you want to cover.

#4. There is also huge competition on the health & fitness market. Relevance of data and visual attraction are vital as well.

What’s good about the health & fitness market is that you can rather easily identify the target audience. You can identify their exact needs and give them the product they are looking for. That’s a narrow niche. At least, it’s way more narrow than social networks, which gather together people of completely different interests, countries, and mindsets. Fitness fans are more predictable: their habits, evident goals, and attitudes. Your designer will help you make your app a distinguished, preferable, and obvious choice.

#5. Security is the key. The confidentiality of private health data equals that of financial information.

Such software is obliged to meet HIPAA security standards in the first place. It has to be built to prevent any leaks of private information: patient profiles and histories, visits and scheduled examinations, treatment details and prescriptions, requests and forms, and any data stored in medical apps. Trying to cut costs where possible obviously doesn’t work for healthcare. You’ll need a custom backend to contain business logic and databases that you’ll havecomplete control over.

Since our team has been into healthcare development for quite a time, we are confident that sticking to these five rules really helps maintain your product at an all-time high. Great tools enhance the industry and work for its users, thus working for software owners. Whateveryour particular branch, whatever your product is, we believe that our experience in combination with your knowledge in the subject matter is a perfect foundation for a product of high quality. Feel free to
contact us with any further questions.