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Swift: How We Code Your iOS Apps Twice Faster

Swift, Apple’s new programming language, is going to define the future of iOS development, regardless of developers’ opinions, be they good or bad. All the hype aside, the use of Swift can help a developer save approximately 20-50% of development time, while the number of lines of code can be reduced roughly by half. Swift is highly readable, way more than Objective-C. For developers it means convenience. For software owners it means receiving high-quality apps earlier than they could hope before.

The quality itself surely depends on skills of developers. Our iOS specialists have been putting Swift to use since it became available; they learned about lots of opportunities that speed up the development process. The product can be created faster, which means with less budget. What’s more, Swift has great prospects. It can be extremely handy for the future support of the software product, while it’s getting gradually broader use.

Here’s a typical task that appears in almost all projects; it is solved via Swift and Objective-C and compared. There is an app that uses a number of fonts. We are going to create a component that selects a font and its size for a UI element.

For visual components you have to set the font without using interface builder. Every font can be created using its name and size. For example, in our app 4 font types will be used:

1. Italic (Helvetica Neue Italic)

2. Bold (Helvetica Neue Bold)

3. BoldItalic (Helvetica Neue Bold Italic)

4. Regular (Helvetica Neue)

We also must be able to change our font family name (Helvetica Neue) at any moment – to alter the font in case of need. And naturally we mustn’t use hardcode for naming fonts. Let’s see how this task is solved with Objective-C and the new Swift.

#1. Implementation With Objective-C

First we create enum, where we list all the font types we have:

Since we can’t add functions to enum in Objective-C, we have to create a separate function for returning a font of particular type and size. For that purpose we create a class ApplicationFont with static method that does the job:

In implementation file we need to enter the name of font family and make it a constant:

In order to get the full font name, we’ll use two functions.

1. Getting the full font name: familyName + fontName:

2. Getting the font postfix (fontName) from the type:

As a result, here’s the function that returns the font:

The final implementation is as follows:



An example of applying a font to a UI element:

As we can see, we have a chain of switch-case, which grows as we add font types. Two h-files (interface file) and m-files (implementation file) lengthen our code.

#2. Implementation With Swift

Swift has more advanced enum than Objective-C. In Swift enum can have string values. Besides, we can add functions to enum. As a result, we can deliver the final implementation:

Applying a font to a UI element:

As we can see, with Swift we get less code. Functions are short and concise. We have no switch-case chain. And the main thing – the function that returns the font is bound to enum.

Many other tasks are handled by Swift just as fast.

That’s How We Create Apps Faster For You

Swift assists by creating the architecture. It has lots of capabilities, which have certain limitations which make it safe. The main strength budget. While the language is raw, many developers still stick to Objective-C. But everyone has to look to the future, since Swift will take the lead in IOS/OS X development anyway. Apple is quite aggressive about spreading its new language. Now every second sample for IOS 8 is written on Swift – it was when Swift was in beta officially. In a nutshell, we already need to make a shift to Swift to take care of the projects’ future.

There are various programming languages. Many people think it’s just a means of coding, and it doesn’t matter much what you use. But it does. There are languages that literally help you. They help you develop the architecture, help you avoid mistakes, help better understand third-party code. Swift is a language that’s created for developer’s convenience, a real helper. And it’s impossible to show you all advantages of this language in a short article. It can be felt only when you code with it yourself.


Case Study: PreCom

You are a busy person and don’t have time or will to go to your tax consultant or accountant. Did you have to spend hours in line on or before April?

If yes, then you need not do it next year or thereafter as we have developed an App for one of our client in US “TAXAppUSA

No doubt the App is gaining popularity exponentially in US.


Mobile App corfuit 1
Mobile App corfuit 2
Mobile App corfuit 3


The technology / framework we used-

For the development of this project, the following software requirements have been considered.

Operating System: Mac OS
Language: X Code 3.2.2
Database: SQL Lite
Tools: iPhone SDK3.2
Technologies: C/C++, XML, Google Maps API, facebook API
Debugger: LLSM
Application end: C/C++
Framework: cocoa
Network: Mobile network and Internet (cellular or Wi-Fi)

There are no confusing questions to answer. Just provide a few basic pieces of information and viola you’re done in few minutes.


With the TAX app USA Mobile app, you can:

Fill tax return- You can complete your 1040EZ Tax Return form in few minutes.

(Form 1040A is United States Internal Revenue Service tax form used for filing an individual’s tax return. It is cut down version of long 1040 and can be used by individuals who do not make more than $100,000 )

Upload document – Upload your tax related documents and send them to the tax pros of TAXappUSA. A possible list may include-

  • • Income documentation-
  • A W-2 form for a salaried employee
  • Form 1099-MISC for independent contractors
  • Schedule C attachment for sole proprietor with all information of profit and loss of their business.
    • Prior tax payments
    • Reporting deductions and credits  – child tax credit, residential energy credits and the earned income credit
    • Interest and dividend income-
    Form 1099 showing the type and amount of income paid to you. Interest income from investments typically includes interest from savings accounts and the dividends you receive on stocks you own. These are reported to you on Form 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.

Calculate refunds- Quickly calculate your tax refund with the TAXappUSA via IRS Tax Refund Calculator.

E-file tour tax returns –Quickly and easily e-file your Federal and/or State tax return.

Check the status of your Federal refund.

Receive a copy of your completed 1040EZ return via email Free.

Review return- Have your return reviewed for Accuracy at no additional charge.

Estimate refunds- Quickly estimate your tax refund with our Tax Estimator Free.

FAQs- Get answers to the most common 1040EZ questions

Low fee- Pay one low fee to e-file your Federal and/or State tax return.

Mobile App corfuit 4

If you are a taxpayer in USA, this app is definitely going to help you.


If you want to get a custom app developed for your business, contact us at-


Skype: simplyideaz


What Are The Pitfalls Of Bad App Architecture?

Design is the best kick-off for your project

We start software projects with design because it allows to assess the complexity and the budget of development.
Our goal is making design so intuitive that the user would understand and love it at first touch. That’s how we meet the needs of end users of your product. Our works on Behance will make you confident about it.
  • A great design is a cost-effective investment and substantially reduces risks of mistakes and overpays
  • We clarify the business goals of the product when we gather and study the requirements. Thus we work to achieve the best solution
  • The design takes from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your product
  • Our designers contribute reports to conferences and conduct training courses for other design studios.
Contact us to discuss your project.

Sketches and brainstorming

Sketches allow to understand the logic of your app. The better they are, the less time will be spent on the subsequent stages. Our design team has rich experience and firm knowledge of design guidelines for every mobile platform and the Web.

Wireframes, prototypes, mockups

Wireframes are the simplest black-and-white way to visualize design elements and their position on every screen. A clickable dynamic prototype can be tested as for usability. Static detailed mockups are valuable as a part of documentation for further development.

Design implementation

Visualization showcases the richness of the interface in colours. We animate the design to show our developers the effects that your product will have.

Great design means success of your app – and we can do it!

The perfect design is a blend of visual individuality and elaborated user experience. It’s when you don’t have to learn to use the app. That’s the kind of design we make for you.
Design is an integral part of our full software development cycle. Our designers work closely with developers to achieve the best efficiency of work and its results for you. There is constant exchange of experience within our design team, and it’s fully and professionally brought into your software product.
Our UX/UI experts designed over 100 native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. They help your business app cover all major platforms in best way.
When you have design on hand, you will know:
  • How long the development is going to take
  • How much budget you have to spend on the project
  • How exactly your app is going to work and interact with users.
Mid-development changes in design significantly increase costs. With us you save your budget and get a first-rate basis for your project.
Contact us to interview our specialists on your project.