CorfuIT IoT Group

We provide the systems engineering and product development capabilities required to address integration gaps between functional operations. CorfuIT IoT has consolidated our capabilities into three primary service categories:
Systems Engineering and Software Development
Every engagement starts with a singular approach of simplifying technology adoption by delivering technology with the focus of adapting that conforms to and enhances our customers’ unique business operations. We consult on what the COTS products can do and how these products can support their unique workflow.
Product Development
With more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of unique product lines in covert surveillance, defense, transportation, entertainment and other industries, CorfuIT IoT focuses these capabilities on delivering products that accelerate technology adoption by bridging gaps between features of COTS products from our manufacturing partners like Cisco and the immediate requirements of our customers.
IoT Reference Architectures
With partners including Cisco, Intel, Networks and more, CorfuIT IoT introduces our reference architecture approach to delivering IoT solutions with our customers. CorfuIT’s IoT Platform is defined by these 5 pillars; Analysis, Collection, Aggregation, Distribution, Analysis (ACADA).