Mobile App Development

A standout amongst the most essential inquiries a product holder needs to settle on, is which stage (or stages) to cover. The two conspicuous competitors are Android and iOS, the third is Windows Phone, albeit lingering a long ways behind, yet quickly developing. We’d like to offer a few insights delineating the circumstance on the versatile business sector.


On the off chance that you examine the overall marketshare of portable stages, Android is irrefutably the pioneer with 81.3%; iOS takes after with 13.4%. Windows Phone involves the third place with 4.1%. BlackBerry’s offer is 1%, while other portable working frameworks have 0.2% altogether.


With regards to quantities of application downloads, Android with its gigantic ubiquity and various gadgets couldn’t come up short: 58% downloaded applications have a place with Android, 33% are iOS applications, and 9% are separated among the rest.


Be that as it may shouldn’t we think about adaptation of engineers’ and programming managers’ endeavors? Here the circumstance is definitely distinctive: iOS is the pioneer around there with 65%. Android has 27%, and other working frameworks possess 8%.

What would we be able to see here: iOS and Android together record for more than 90% of the business and incomes. Android implies crowd, iOS implies incomes. Numerous organizations attempt to assemble applications for them two for promoting non-computerized administrations and item.

CorfuIT wields the front line of IT in the field of mobile programming and web development.


Our principle errand is to furnish our Client with programming improvement administrations:


  • building an application for one or more mobile platforms.
  • porting an application to another mobile platform.
  • building a custom website/web service.
  • building a website upon an open-source CMS.
  • building a complex system comprising a server and one or more mobile clients.

Each versatile arrangement experiences full programming improvement cycle, which incorporates: examination of necessities. building the structural engineering of a product item. client interface (UI) outline, usage, testing and check, sending and item help. Each stage presupposes helpful work with the Client and high caliber of the product advancement administrations.

Software Product Support

CorfuIT is a customer arranged and relationship-based organization. In the wake of finishing the improvement process, we lead product support and backing:


  • fixing the bugs identified by users.
  • minor updates and feature changes.
  • product performance adjustment.
  • web service and web application installation support.
  • product documentation.
  • product usage troubleshooting.

Our involvement in programming improvement administrations permits us to give you counseling. CorfuIT specialists can exhort you on innovation viewpoints, advancement, testing and quality certification, venture administration, UI outline, and for the most part on accomplishing things. On the off chance that you utilize us to add to a product item, you get counseling administrations gratis.

We offer certain administrations independently, contingent upon the Client’s requirements:


  • mobile software and web development.
  • quality assurance.
  • UI design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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