Network Solutions

Change is the Key Driver for new technology acquisition & adoption in organizations. Today, Network & Communication Infrastructure is the foundation platform for IT & business success – the ability to connect Applications with Employees, Customers & Partners quickly & efficiently is the need of the hour.
CorfuIT Network Services is a trusted partner at the forefront of Network Transformation as well as Network Management leveraging new technologies and delivering them efficiently.


How we help
Network Services offerings include comprehensive Voice, Video & Data infrastructure management for customers by leveraging to deliver Network Operations Center (NOC) based services encompassing not only Network infrastructure but also infrastructure across towers such as Data Centers, End User Services, Applications and Security.


Our Services:

We provide network solution for all market leaders’ hardware (Cisco, Juniper, F5, Alteon, Foundry, HP, Radware and NetScreen)

  • Data Center Network Management
  • WAN Network Management
  • Campus Network Management
  • Traditional Telephony
  • VOIPs
  • Redundant network connectivity.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Channels Load balancing.
  • VLAN-s.
  • Bridging and switching

Frequently Asked Questions

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