Govvas Attendance App



Govvas Attendance APP is created to monitor Field Workers attendance. It helps the back office to monitor the CLOCK IN, and the CLOCK OUT time, and LOCATION of the field worker, as well as a SIGNATURE VALIDATION of the visit by the client. In healthcare industry, especially HOME HEALTHCARE, this APP will not only Monitor the Field Nurses and HHA, it will also protect the Agency from fraud and save the Agency a lot of money



Taptrails App



 The Taptrails app is build for the craft beer lover! Find breweries and beer events near you or in a specific area, learn beer trivia and the brewing process and find new beers you may like using our style finder and ratings by other users. Download “trails” for specific locations for even more brewery information and significant savings at participating breweries! Enjoy exclusive discounts on beer, food, tours, apparel and more!

Also use the Taptrails app to find and save money at Cideries, distilleries, craft beer bars and other beer related businesses.


Pay By Kiss App – Ongoing Project


KISS Gift and Loyalty Cards – KISS: Keep it simple; because simple is hard enough!
The KISS APP lets you manage your gift / loyalty cards through your mobile device.
Download The KISS APP now to enjoy rewards from your favorite places.

Gift and loyalty cards made simple
Load and send an e-gift card to anyone instantly.
Free to use.
Easy to use.

Pay. Gift. Load. It’s easier than tying your shoes.

To pay, simply SCAN the barcode and you’re done. To send a gift or balance from any e-card, enter the mobile number or email and press SEND.

Goodbye clutter, hello simplicity. Never lose a gift card again and always know your balance at a glance.

Invite your favorite business to join KISS and you’ll get a card loaded onto your account to spend at that place of business.

Simple on the surface:
Like beauty, it’s what’s underneath that matters. (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.)


App 4 Wine – Ordering Wine to your Doorstep.


App4Wine® allows you to order wine quickly and securely from the palm of your hand. You can explore wines from France, Italy, South America, or a little closer to home such as Napa Valley. Get social and share your wines on FaceBook, Twitter, or email your friends so they can enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. “In vino veritas” tell the world how you really feel about the wine and write a review. Our favorite wines have always been discovered through word of mouth!

App4Wine® features:

* Buy your wine using PayPal
* Read wine reviews before you buy
* Post your wines to FaceBook and Twitter
* Explore world wide wine selections
* Save wines in your App4Wine® cellar


Tax Calculator App


TheTAXappUSA app is designed to allow busy people who do not have the time or the desire to go to a local tax preparer or accountant office to complete their tax returns. Why spend hours in line at a tax office to complete a simple return that you can do yourself?

Fashom 2015-06-27 20-24-21


It’s a website and app related to the Fashion Industry with a social networking touch, where stylists and users can share the latest fashion trends and create Lookbook.


IDispatch Tracking


This is a tracking app designed to make trucking easier for hard working Truckers.
App allows a driver willing to allow Brokers, Shippers or others to track your location. This app is designed to work with your current IDISPATCH membership.