Pay By Kiss App – Ongoing Project

July 1, 2015 at 11:30 am



KISS Gift and Loyalty Cards – KISS: Keep it simple; because simple is hard enough!
The KISS APP lets you manage your gift / loyalty cards through your mobile device.
Download The KISS APP now to enjoy rewards from your favorite places.

Gift and loyalty cards made simple
Load and send an e-gift card to anyone instantly.
Free to use.
Easy to use.

Pay. Gift. Load. It’s easier than tying your shoes.

To pay, simply SCAN the barcode and you’re done. To send a gift or balance from any e-card, enter the mobile number or email and press SEND.

Goodbye clutter, hello simplicity. Never lose a gift card again and always know your balance at a glance.

Invite your favorite business to join KISS and you’ll get a card loaded onto your account to spend at that place of business.

Simple on the surface:
Like beauty, it’s what’s underneath that matters. (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How good are you in mobile application development ? Q2.How many years of experienced developers do you have ? Q3. How many dedicated developer can you provide at a time ? Q4. Do you need us to talk or voice chat before starting project ? Q5. What are your payment policies ?