Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing has skyrocketed in the recent past and no one can deny the
importance of Digital Marketing Agencies that they hold today!
Undoubtedly, your business can benefit with the services offered by today’s digital
marketing services. Some of the common benefits include brand recognition,
attracting potential customers, and more.
By blending great ideas and technology, we ensure that you have all the
ingredients to make the right noises in the market. We create differentiated go-to-
market processes for your organization. We create a systematic approach – both
consistent and efficient – to captivate your audience.
Say you’re walking in one of the more popular streets in your city and you see a
hoarding that just blows your mind away. Now, imagine the same thing in the
online space. We capture the same emotion in the online space through compelling
advertising that is at the right place at the right time in front of the right person.
This includes using platforms that enable Search, Display, Repeat Targeting to
Content Seeding as well as use of a range of Ad Networks. And, yes, we still blow
people’s minds away.

Search Engine Optimization:

Get to the top of Google and other search engine with our integrated, promotional
strategy for SEO that is designed with long term results in the mind. We have been
providing the best solution to our client to give them the best ROI.
Being on the Internet is essential in today’s world. But having a website is only the
beginning. Bringing traffic consistently to it and converting visitors to customers is
a completely different ballgame. We help your brand stay on top, not just in your
customer’s mind but where it matters – on the first page of the search engine, with
constructively developed Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media Optimization:

Reach, engage and influence potential customers over Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest with personalized brand awareness
We can put you everywhere, but would that make sense to your brand. Being at the
right place at the right time makes sense and that’s what we at CorfuIT believe in
when it comes to a social media marketing plan. We help brands connect the right
dots for optimized results.

We provide the following services: