Terms & Conditions

Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) complies and bound with following terms & conditions for the Software (Website/Application) Development Life cycle as under.

Turnaround Time

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to key phases of project life cycle such as SRS, Wire-Frame, Web Design, Development and UAT phases. We have passion for quality and offer our solutions within quick turnaround time. We expect that you revert back to us within 24 hours to get your queries and problems solved within the quick span of time in various phase of project life cycle.

Rounds of Discussion (To & Fro Communication)

We believe that feedback from our customers is critical to improve our products and services. We listen to the feedback of our customers, analyze and respond quickly to their suggestions. During various phase of project life cycle, we allow our clients to give their feedback only three times, but if it exceeds more than this, our management need to look into the matter and come out with possible solutions. Still, if the feedback remains the continuous process, it may compel us to charge extra or take some other possible steps to deal with the ongoing situation


The client must carefully review the completed website after its Beta release (also Beta release will include 95% of the functionality) including all functionality mentioned in the SRS or the wireframe whichever approved, providing feedback on any changes within two business days. UAT phase will take care of the feedback and the remaining 5% of the functionality of the site

* Functionality does not include the design and content changes on the site this will be taken in the UAT phase. We can take the changes if they are minimal within the Beta stage.

Final review- The client will review any changes made in process and authorize Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) to launch the project. Any changes requested after the final review will be considered additional and will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Website Wire-frame

A website wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Our experienced wire framing team quickly creates wireframes for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose and to help clients have a look at where we are going to provide for them.

Wireframes focus on
  • The kinds of information displayed.
  • The range of functions available.
  • The relative priorities of the information and functions.
  • The rules for displaying certain kinds of information.
  • The effect of different scenarios on the display.

A Serious Note- Once you approve our wireframe, we will be providing the replica of the same. Also you the wireframe is going to be all about the functionality and not the design. And if you ask for changes after this Phase (Wire-frame), it will be treated as an additional work for which we may charge extra costs.

Website Design
  • 1. In designing phase, Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) will provide two mockup of Homepage & one mockup inner page/Detail page (with Unique Layout) and one CMS/content page. Rest all the pages will be developed during development phase by taking references from the approved design mockups. Rest the website will comprise of all features & functionality that are approved by client in SRS as well as in wireframe. Any feature/functionality beyond the scope of SRS + Wireframe will be treated as an additional work, the extra man hrs & cost will depends on nature of the work in near future.
  • 2. While in case of Logo Design we will provide 4 iterations of logo with your given inputs and feedback. If one of Logo is selected then 3 changes on the logo will be done if more changes are required then it will be charged on our standard hourly basis.
  • 3. Tough every effort will be made to ensure that the website and any work done by us is free of errors but Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction, the website or any part of it.
  • 4. Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) cannot take responsibility for any copyright or privacy infringements caused by materials submitted by the client and may refuse use of any such material unless proof of permission is provided.
Payment of accounts

Timely payment as per milestone prescribed initially from our clients is the driving force that enables us to finish their project on time. Any violation or delay of payment terms, may lead to the discontinuation or charge extra amount of money to carry out the task. And if the work over runs the deadline because of client´s fault or delayed communication from him, we may charge for any extra time/money.

On completion of a project the client is obliged to pay the balance in full. “Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT)” will contact clients to remind them of payments due if they are not received. If accounts are not settled and have not been contacted regarding the delay, website access may be denied and web sites or projects removed.
Fine on Non-payment or No response (Project Delays)

If payment is past due, all work will be put on hold until the payment is cleared. In the event of no response from the client´s end for more than 10 days (i.e. 2 weeks excluding weekends ) the project would be put on hold and there would be a 10% penalty on the total project cost which would be added on the total cost of the project.

Deployment on Client Web Server

After completion of the project i.e. Website/Software Application, Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) will only be responsible for the deployment of the project on the client web server with details supplied by the client itself and wouldn´t be part of any configuration of web server. Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) cannot accept responsibility for any alterations caused by the Client or a third party occurring to the Client’s pages once deployed.

Post Project Alterations

Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) cannot accept responsibility for any alterations caused by the Client or a third party occurring to the Client’s pages once installed. Such alterations include, but are not limited to additions, modifications or deletions. Kytes Corporation Private Ltd. (Trading as CorfuIT) may require a one-off Web Development charge before resolving any issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

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